The #robot uses a sophisticated form a cheating. #Geeks #Nerds

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A short while back, I wrote about how the assumptions behind inspection (inspection target does not change between inspections) are no longer valid, as demonstrated by the clever engineers at VW.

Now we have another story about how technology takes advantage of human assumptions.

Robot wins Rock-Paper-Scissors every time.

Thus, the playground arbiter of fate falls to cyber-tech. Is this a mind reader robot? No. Like the VW engineers realizing that they can instantaneously change the pollution control system for optimal test results during testing, and optimal performance at other times, these engineers realized that before their opponent shows their hand, the robot can predict what the hand will show from analysis of finger position and trajectory.

Remember this phrase: “The robot uses a sophisticated form a cheating.” That is how the report explains the robots ability to win every time.

This is a robot winning at rock-paper-scissors, but it also a VW passing its emissions test, and the profits of high-speed program trading.

Keep watching, we are looking forward to “The robot uses a sophisticated form a cheating” becoming the new normal.


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