Ferguson Public Library – Library of the Year

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In this age on electronic media and the waning years of the Gutenberg era, public libraries still remain relevant and important centers of community learning and support.


As a nerdy high school kid, I remember walking to my small public library and spending peaceful time with a book or two. I don’t recall whether I was reading, scanning, or just looking at pictures. There is a good chance that I did not do much reading as I am dyslexic and reading is not one of my easy skills. I do recall enjoying the 1960s version of web browsing. I’d get a reel of microfilm and scan old issues of the New York Times on a microfilm reader that closely resembled some steampunk contraption with flashing lights, wheels, cranks, and gears. Regardless it was my sanctuary.


Read this wonderful article in the Library Journal about how the public library in Ferguson supported their community. The world will be a slightly better place if you do.



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